Sunday, March 13, 2011

WOMEN'S DAY by Michael Abrahams

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Message and Poem by Dr Michael Abrahams
To: Sunday Herald Managing Director R. Christene King:

These assaults on our journalists and the misogynistic behaviour of our leaders have to be addressed. They need to be held accountable for their actions.
I wrote this poem in response to Warmington's crass behaviour. Feel free to distribute it among your colleagues and to publish it in your newspaper if you desire.

I support you all 100%.

WOMEN'S DAY by Michael Abrahams

On International Women's Day
A politician did handle a woman a way

It did tek place near the beginning of the nightly 8 o'clock news
Me did tune in to hear wha a gwaan and to listen to people's views
When over dual citizenship this minister give up him seat
And the male anchor ask if it was unethical fi tek so long fi dweet

But the word "unethical" upset the man and rub him bad the wrong way
And him mek up noise and cuss an' ting and create the most ray ray
Then the female anchor ask what word she should use, in a gentle tone
But the man go bawl out "Go to Hell" and then hang up the phone

Me seh, me frighten when me hear the man go bawl out "Go to Hell"
What a bootu, what a cruff, what a big skettel
For me hear interview with bad man like Ninja and Kartel
But me never hear them raise them voice and diss woman and yell

If our leader them tan so vulgar, so nasty, crass and crude
Who are they to reprimand our youths when they are being rude?
And if them deal with our women in ways that are so misogynistic
Is expecting any better from our young men really being realistic?

On International Women's Day
A politician did handle a woman a way

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  1. This is so appropriate. Thanks for making your voice heard on this issue. I hope he gets the message that he is not representing Jamaican men.