Friday, June 24, 2011

Denis O'Brien decorated by the President Martelly

Report from Haiti Libre website (click title above to link)

Haiti's President Michel Martelly, decorated Tuesday at the National Palace, the Chairman of the company Digicel, Denis O'Brien, for his dynamic involvement in the social and his contribution in the development of telecommunications in the country.

In his speech for the occasion, the Head of State declared : "This distinction reflects my personal appreciation and that of the Nation for what you and your company have achieved in Haiti. Not only has Digicel become a key partner of our telecommunications sector but also it has embarked on unprecedented social investments in the country, art, education or sport, have had to benefit from the attentions of your team in the different departments of country.

"When the January 2010 earthquake shook not only Earth, but all the Haitian families, your company has proven to be a model of solidarity for our customers and also for all citizens affected [...] We will never forget, that thanks to Digicel, one of the jewels of the architecture of Port-au-Prince: "the Market Hyppolite" commonly known - Iron Market - has been restored. We will not forget, the establishment of a rehabilitation program of 50 schools affected by the earthquake.

"It is all your efforts and those of your company, that we intend to salute by the decoration that you have awarded. Decoration, the citation for which I quote, 'for his dynamic collaboration to the promotion of investment in Haiti and his contributions to the development of telecommunications in the country' eloquently expresses the feelings of the Haitian people to your person.

Mr. O'Brien, Chairman of Digicel, thank you for all that you have given us and I invite you to continue on this way of active solidarity that honours you."

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