Wednesday, June 15, 2011

McKenzie: 'Reggae Boyzs Humbled Honduras'

By Evan McKenzie – from the KSAFA Website

Reggae Boyz packing possession, passes and speed, put the Hondurans to play second fiddle in the final group B game of Gold Cup 2011. From the early proceedings the Boyz were prepared to get thing right this time around rather than to wait for the second half as they did against Guatemala.

While both teams prided themselves with the use of speedy players, the Reggae Boyz were more potent on the day, as Omar Daley, Demar Phillips, Ryan Johnson and Dane Richards could not be contained. These electrifying runs were made possible by the overall team possession, and movements off the ball even though Honduras showed on many occasion that they were not prepared to lay down and die nor were they prepared to watch the Reggae Boyz dazzling display of speed and passing which puts the law of average on their side, when Ryan Johnson 26 yards power drive slammed the underside of opponents goal and bounced gentle off the Honduras goalkeeper to rolled over the prize line for the Reggae Boyz to take pole position in Group B, as they put their stamp on the Tournament with a number of goal getting passes which the Boyz could not score.

The second half started with the Boyz immediately playing the expected passing game and despite the many chances including a penalty which the goal scorer Ryan Johnson just could not increase, the Reggae Boyz lead over the fighting Hondurans, who despite the Reggae Boyz territorial dominance still had enough fight in them to take the final 20 minutes of the game putting the Boyz on the back foot even with the fresh legs brought in by coach Whitmore. Weary Jamaicans for the first time in the tournament looked vulnerable and were more to hear the referees final whistle and for the 1st time topped their zone.

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