Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The REGGAE BOYZS Best Performance In 11 Years

By Evan McKenzie

The 4-0 thrashing of Grenada in their opening group B Gold Cup game in LA offers a breath of fresh air for the football hopefuls. While I am not in a position to present the stats on the game, the sheer number of passes is indeed encouraging.

As far as I can remember since the beginning of the new millennium this type of team football was clearly missing. As for me it is not the margin of victory that caught my interest, but the movements off the ball and very few but necessary touches, letting the ball do the work.

The second thing that was noticeable in our possession game was the number of opportunities that were created. As for those who don't believe possession can't win games and as a result don't train our players to keep the  ball - they may have to re-examine this performance. For us the hopeful we want to see consistency with this type of performance, and even more importantly improvements in our ability to defend a team. Clearly individual defending helps but with more formidable opponents, penetration will be more frequent.
The Senior BOYZ have shown that keeping the ball deprives the opponent the opportunity to use it against us, and therefore we humbly ask those responsible for the Juniors to begin immediately training team football rather than what appears to be the emphasis on "Individual Brilliance". Again let me say it loud and clear WE KEEP POSSESSION FOR PENETRATION.

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