Friday, January 20, 2012

Frightening Road Fatalities

From Jamaica Observer - excerpt from Jean Lowrie-Chin's column Mon 16 Jan 2012

The heart-rending cries of family members and the mangled motor vehicles featured on major newscasts since the beginning of this year, are a stark warning to road users. At a meeting chaired by National Road Safety Council convenor Dr Lucien Jones and hosted by Jamaica National’s Earl Jarrett, some of the island’s leading experts on road safety shared useful information.

Most crashes occur later in the day and on weekends. Motorists should remember that visibility is reduced at night, so they must proceed with caution especially where there are no street lights. Pedestrians should remember to wear light colours at night so they can be easily seen. Parents and guardians are to ensure that toddlers and young children are accompanied on the road.

The police is stepping up road surveillance this year. Use seatbelts and other safety devices, reduce your speed, don’t drink and drive. We understand that in this tightening job market, more employers will be checking on road violations. Slow down, take care: don’t lose your license, your job and worst of all, your precious life.

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