Friday, January 13, 2012

Paulwell endorses new Digicel-Claro merger condition

The newly appointed Information and Communications Technology
Minister, Phillip Paulwell says he has no difficulty with the change
in a condition for the Digicel/Claro merger.

Paulwell says he did not believe the original stipulation was practical.

When then Prime Minister, Bruce Golding approved the Digicel/Claro
merger in August, he insisted Digicel must continue operating two
separate networks.

The move was meant to keep in check Digicel's dominance in the market.

But yesterday, the Office of Utilities Regulation revealed that former
Prime Minister Andrew Holness, withdrew the condition after he assumed
the mantle in October.

However, Paulwell says he will be immediately reviewing proposed
legislation aimed at encouraging competition.

Among the issues he wants urgently resolved is the rate for calls
between networks.

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