Thursday, December 6, 2012

Memorable STGC Hall of Fame Banquet

TOP - STGC Hall of Famer Father James Hosie, flanked by Committee Chair Donovan ChenSee and former Chair Pokar Chamdiram. BELOW: Pokar presents a plaque to Jesuit Superior Fr Chris Llanos in honour of STGC Jesuit teachers.
The 2012 STGC Hall of Fame Banquet was held at the Knutsford Court Hotel on November 23rd, 2012.
Some 200 Old Boys and their wives and friends came to cheer on the Inductees who were being honoured for their service to their Alma Mater and in their chosen professions in their personal lives.
There was an atmosphere of fellowship and happiness permeating those who attended, and it felt like old times as the years gone by did not seem to matter.  Tales of the old school days were being told and retold to the amusement and laughter as old memories were again being repeated.  It was PUTS (Fr. Feeney), Mr. Chaps and Fr. Hannas' cigar stories being relived.  What lovely tales, exaggerated or otherwise being told to the joy and pleasure of those story tellers.
Then there was the banquet and the presentations made by those on the programme.
To start off:
A tribute to the Jesuits who gave their all to us to shape us as "men for others" - by Pokar Chandiram;
The reading of the citations by:
Jean Lowrie-Chin for the late Dr. Barry Chevannes - (Community spirit and service to the College).
Dwight Nelson for the late Carl Chang - (Service to the College).
Clyde McKenzie - Fr. James Hosie, Faculty.
Ronnie Thwaites for the late Keith Noad -      (Community spirit and service to the College).
Lennox Robinson - Neville Bell - Service to the College.
Then the presentation of the engraved awards for all the awardees.
Their portraits will forever hang in the Hall of Fame room in the Library at St. Georges College, for the future generations of Georgians to behold and remember.
The function was chaired by Mr. Donovan Chen See, the Chairman of the HOF Committee.
Master of Ceremonies who also kept us entertained was Dr. Aggrey Irons.
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