Thursday, May 16, 2013

A school for 'Grandpa Charlie'

New Basic School for St Ann: As part of the Fifty Basic Schools for Jamaica50 Programme sponsored by Food for the Poor, a 10th school was opened yesterday - this time in Steerfield, St Ann. Photo shows Kim Mahfood Williams, Executive Asst to the President, Food for the Poor Inc, Jeff Levitetz, President/Director of the Levitetz Family Foundation and Stephen McConnell, Student Volunteer at Food for the Poor Jamaica at the Opening. The Levitetz Family Foundation donated the School in memory of 'Grandpa Charlie' who had his last vacation in Jamaica at Mamee Bay. Jeff was introduced to the programme by the dedicated Kim, and said because of his grandfather's love of Jamaica, he was delighted to support it. He said that he looked forward to sponsoring more projects for Food for the Poor.

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  1. What a great program. I can see how it would improve the lives of many people in Jamaica. I hope it is successful, and meets its aims.