Monday, May 20, 2013

Senior scammed by pretender

My colleague's mother was the victim of a scam - because of her kindheartedness. Please tell your senior relatives to keep their car doors and windows locked, no matter how sincere someone may appear!  Here is what I was told by my friend:

"My brother's mother-in-law (age 79) was scammed of $60,000 last week by a man who seemed to have followed her from a bank in the Liguanea area into a plaza.  Knocked on her car window and told her he was a policeman and his car had broken down and he needed a lift to Half Way Tree.  She put him in the car and while she was driving, he took the money out her handbag.  He came off before Half Way Tree and told her he saw a friend who could help him.  He hopped into a waiting Nissan and sped off."

My friend said the criminal struck up a conversation with the senior, telling her how people were so dishonest, keeping up his pretence as a policeman.  The money was to make a mortgage payment for her son.  Wicked man!

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