Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Food for the Poor gives urgent help to St Ann family

Food for the Poor Chair Andrew Mahfood noted the flowers - despite her circumstances, Imogene Lawrence is still making an effort to beautify her surroundings.
Report from Marcia Hall-Walker of Food for the Poor Jamaica - photos taken
of visit to Imogene Lawrence and family:

The visit was made yesterday to the family in St. Ann, Monday September 16,
in response to news report published in the Jamaica Observer on Sunday
September 15 - see link below. The living as well as the general conditions
there were very bad - it was raining so I got to see the true picture of
what happens in these situations. Only two of the five children who are
enrolled in school attended yesterday, due to the lack of funds. The four
older ones just sit a home all day with nothing to do.

Imogene and the children were so delighted when they saw the food packages
from Food for the Poor: clothing, foot wear, toiletries, blankets, igloo
and a 2 burner gas stove. She thanked everyone who made it possible for her
to receive these items.

I informed her about the procedure to receive a Food for the Poor housing
unit. She told me her uncle has the documents, however he was not available
when we visit.


There was an error in the news report that Imogene spoke with someone from
FFP - it was actually the Poor Relief Department with whom she spoke, NOT


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  1. This is absolutely wonderful. Speedy response to a family in need. And without judging!