Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Message from Amina Blackwood Meeks ...

It's official. The Governor General of Jamaica, Sir Patrick Allen, has proclaimed November 20, National Storytelling Day. It is the outcome of two years of work by Ntukuma, The Storytelling Foundation of Jamaica. Ananse SoundSplash 2012 concluded with a resolution on a number of actions to raise the profile of storytelling and the understanding of how the oral tradition could be positioned to actively serve the national development agenda. Accordingly, Ntukuma wrote to the Governor General requesting the proclamation. The proclamation was received by Kai Antoinette Thompson symbolically on behalf of the children of Jamaica.

Nov 20 is also Universal Children's Day and has been deliberately included in Ananse SoundSplash, the Annual Storytelling Conference and Festival to honour the rights of our children to culture and heritage.  The Office of the Children's Advocate kindly agreed to collaborate with Ntukuma in the staging of this first National Storytelling Day. The celebrations will be held at the Louise Bennett Garden Theatre, Nov 20, 9am-4pm.
Twelve of the most acclaimed international storytellers and researchers of the oral tradition will join the celebrations.

Ananse Soundsplash is an eight-legged mobile storytelling conference and festival mounted by Ntukuma in collaboration with the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica. Major sponsors of the 2014 festival are the CHASE Fund, Courts, Office of The Children's Advocate, Jamaica Tourist Board and NCB Foundation.
Once Upon A Time...Is Now.
Live the stories your grandchildren will be blessed and proud to tell.

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