Thursday, November 27, 2014

St. George's College Wins the Walker Cup 3-2 in a Bruising Final

By Lloyd Tenn

St. George's College Wins the Walker Cup 3-2 in a Bruising Final


St. George's College beat a determined Jamaica College by 3-2. It took a superb first half performance with Shevon Stewart, Gregory Messam Jr. and Amoy Brown scoring all goals within 25 minutes of the first half. The conditions would change dramatically as heavy rain came down and turned the turf into mud and pools of water.

In the second half, with the field a disaster, STGC took a more defensive posture while Jamaica College pressed to get a foothold on the game. With 10 or minutes into the second half, the Jamaica College midfielder sprinted down the left wing and scored while being pressed all the way by a STGC defender Prawl. It really was a great goal. Shortly after this, the Dark Blues would get a penalty when a JC player was brought down in the area. Flemming scored from the penalty spot. As the game progressed, the game got very tense and the tackles came in hard,crunching and in rapid succession. JC would net but it was deemed offside. They would also net later on but by the hand. The JC striker was given a yellow card for this.

Later on, Flemming would punch defender Delano Brooks in the mouth. With goalie Irving charging to protest, it looked like he was about to take things into his hands. Good sense prevailed in the end.

As the game came into the last 10 minutes, Amoy Brown would get a great chance to put the game away when he broke through the defense and with the goalie only to beat, went for power and to the side of the goal.

In the last few minutes, we actually took the initiative away from JC and started to keep the ball in the JC half.

It was a tough win. Goalie Cordell Irving had a fantastic game and the back line stood firm under intense pressure. Shevon Stewart also played well. Coach Bell made a good tactical move with Alex Marshall starting and Akeem Prawl, usually a midfielder playing the right back. JC's Flemming wasn't a major factor as we managed to keep him by and large quiet.


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