Friday, August 22, 2008

A chat with Asafa's Dad

Here I am with Asafa's brother Donovan, himself a former 100m world record holder (left of flag), Shelly-Ann's Mom holding flag and Asafa's Dad at right - was a balmy evening in Beijing!   - Hubie Chin photo
It was my delight to walk with Asafa's Powell's joyful father after his fantastic finish in our record-breaking 4x100. He told me that enroute at the New York airport, people were given him prayer cards.
"Asafa is going to be okay now," he said. " You watch and see."
The Beijing Stadium erupted once again as we saw two flying men in the 4x100 Relay - Usain and Asafa, going where no human had gone before, winning by the widest margin since the 1936 Olympics!
Our awesome foursome have run themselves into the history books and the Lightning Bolt has struck thrice!

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