Saturday, August 16, 2008

Usain 'no linger!'

Cool, confident Usain had the entire Olympic Stadium on its feet as we watched him practically waltz to a new World Record - 9.69 seconds! What joy to be a Jamaican in the Beijing Bird's Nest Stadium - we sunned ourselves in Bolt's reflected glory!
Bolt literally danced around the Stadium track, waving the flag, draping himself in it, and treating us to a few steps of the "No Linger" dance.
The crowd showered Bolt with pure adulation - imagine, in a few short seconds, Bolt has made homo sapiens faster!
On our way out of the Stadium, we waved our flags and paused to take photos with various fans of Jamaica - Bolt had made us into celebrities.
God bless the good parents from Trelawny that kept their son well grounded and the wonderful guidance of Coach Glen Mills and Manager Norman Peart.
Jamaica's National Anthem will ring out in Beijing - Thank you Usain Bolt for taking us higher!

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