Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The World at Our Feet!!

Usain and Melaine! Two Golds in one night. Jamaica shone and the world was at our feet. Usain - new World Record, Melaine - new Olympic Record. People crowded us afterwards - hungry for photos with the flag of our little country. Oh what a night!
One Love


  1. From Riddim-Post, today
    Armed with Yam power . . . Usain Bolt shocked his competitors and thrilled the world with an equally delightful 200 meter run at the Bird’s Nest in Beijing China a few moments ago.
    The entire country of Jamaica came to a literal halt for 19.30 seconds as Usain bolted into the history books for the second time in a matter of days.

    Re The entire country of Jamaica came to a literal halt for 19.30 seconds. . . Not true. With Melanie Walker's gold and record finish minutes later, Jamaica went MAD!!! Every square is filled with celebration. Every face seems to be beaming. Talk of painting sidewalks green and gold from Kingston to Trelawny !!
    WHAT A DAY !

  2. Congrats to Bolt! Talent, hard work, and good coaching rewarded every time! The foreign media clearly don't know that Bolt, runs in the footsteps of giants: Arthur Wint, Herb Mckenley, Donald Quarrie and many others. I am particularly disappointed in Ato Bolden joining in the comments that suggested Bolt's youthful exhuberance was in anyway disrespectful of his competitors.

    Kudos to this new generation of Jamaican athletes.