Friday, October 28, 2011

Jamaica will miss USAID's Dr Karen Hilliard

Dr Karen Hilliard - our loss is Mongolia's gain

Dr Karen Hilliard could have chosen to direct the USAID Mission in Jamaica over the past four years from her comfortable office. However, her passion for Jamaica’s development sent her into remote areas of the country, actively supporting projects in health, agriculture, education and governance. Never one for cliché-laden speeches, she gave engaged commentary and advice on a myriad of subjects.

At a farewell event for her, then PM Bruce Golding remarked on her deep concern for our needs, as she sometimes appeared to be “Jamaica’s ambassador to the USAID”. Dr Hilliard combined diplomacy with refreshing pragmatism. Our loss will be Mongolia’s gain and we wish her a fulfilling tour of duty there, and many future visits to this land – we will never forget those extra miles she travelled with so many of us. If only we could love ourselves as much as our international friends love us. Thank you, Dr Hilliard!

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