Wednesday, October 12, 2011

STGC Remembers Mr. Carl Anthony Chang

 Message from Lloyd Tenn

It is with regret that we announce the sudden passing of our own Carl Anthony Chang this morning. He was 67 years old. 

He apparently was not feeling well last night, complaining of feeling nauseous. This morning, he was at home,in the company of his workers, when he collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead.

Carl, as most of us know was the driving force in the upgrading of the infrastructure at St. George's College. He oversaw the reconstruction of the O'Hare Building which sustained serious damage after hurricane Ivan. He was the main driving force behind the construction of the Archbishop Burke Building. He undertook many small and medium sized projects at the school, much of which was financed out of his personal funds.

He once shared with me that he had made a promise to himself and the Lord, that he would give five fully committed years to St. George's College, the time he spent as at the school, to improve the general condition of his beloved alma mater.  I dare say that he would probably have spent more time if the Lord had allowed him.

He was also instrumental in getting the late Carlos Lopez officially recognized when he was seriously ill.

We have to pray for his wife, Paula and his four children at this most difficult time.

And so we will miss this generous man; a husband, a father, a businessman and most of all, a man of tremendous charity.

May His Soul And the Souls of the Faithful Departed Rest In Peace.


From Tony Wong:
His passing has left his Alma Mater in tears as I have witnessed today, for it will be without the benevolence of Carl, who waded in to  solve the water problems and installed proper systems to reduce the electricity bills, searched, found and corrected other problems like painting where need painting and repaired the horrendous plumbing installations.
He had installed the first set of solar panels to light the school grounds.  And this does not include the improvements to the O'Hare building done in record time last year. The list of his generosity in these matters is endless.
Today I saw the builders of the LB Bldg. ever so sad and without instruction built three flag poles on the new building and hung black flags on them out of respect for someone they truly loved and I became more moved by their repeated vows to complete the building no matter what- "for Mr. Chang say him going finish it"
Like these workers we, the past students should ensure that this  happens. It is the least  that can be done to honor a stalwart old boy and to respect the dedication of a unique Georgian and a memorable gentleman.
He will be sadly missed.
May his soul rest in Peace
Tony Wong

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