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Club Kingston is World Number One ... Award for Global Travel Lounge of the Year

A HISTORIC DAY FOR JAMAICAN TOURISM: David Hall (centre), Executive Chairman of VIP Attractions, accepts The Priority Pass Award for having the top Global Travel Lounge of the Year for Club Kingston. Making the handover is Terry Evans (right), President of Priority Pass. Seen with the two is Earl Richards, Chief Executive Officer of the Norman Manley International Airport. Priority Pass not only named Club Kingston as an award winner, but also announced that Club Mobay had copped awards for Best Staff and Customer Service. The media announcement for the award took place at Club Kingston, at the Norman Manley International Airport, on June 12. These awards were won out of a field of 700 airport lounges, with over 84,000 Priority Pass members voting. VIP Attractions operates both Club Kingston at the Norman Manley International Airport, and Club Mobay at the Donald Sangster International Airport


Kingston, Jamaica, June 12th, 2014,
Its official – Jamaica is the home of the Number One Global Travel Lounge of the Year. Club Kingston at the Norman Manley International Airport in the country's capital city copped this coveted Priority Pass Award from a nomination field of over 700 airport lounges across more than 500 airports throughout the world.
Priority Pass President Terry Evans flew in from Dallas today to present the Award in person to David Hall, Executive Chairman of VIP Attractions, owners and operators of both Club Kingston and Club Mobay.
VIP Attractions didn't invent the Airport Lounge Service, but rather revolutionized it. Not only was Club Kingston named the Global Lounge of the Year, but the company was also recognized for its incredible high standard of customer service through the award for "Best Staff" within Club Mobay at the prestigious Priority Pass Lounge of the Year awards.

This is a huge affirmation of the product as it follows close on yet another 'Number One' Award – this from the JHTA to Club Kingston's Mrs Tricia Hagley as Tourism Employee of the Year for 2014, at the end of May 2014.
This award reinforces global confidence in Jamaica's tourism sector, and enhances the nation's global business competitiveness, as a country with an investor friendly climate that's open for business.  Mrs. Charmaine Franklin, General Manager for Club Kingston, noted that "from warm smiles to mini-spa escapes our leisure guest will enjoy their vacation right up to boarding their flights.  For our Travelers who mean Business, the lounge offers a state of the art Business Centre powered by Jamaican Telecoms Company, Digicel offering complimentary WiFi internet access."
CELEBRATING CLUB KINGSTON: Cheering on Club Kingston’s award as top global airport lounge from left are: Trisha Williams-Singh, Senior Corporate Relations Manager, Digicel, Yvonne Sweeney of Norman Manley International Airport, Terry Evans, President of Priority Pass, and Grace Morrison of Norman Manley International Airport. Priority Pass not only named Club Kingston as an award winner, but also announced that Club Mobay had copped awards for Best Staff and Customer Service.
Now in their tenth year, the Priority Pass Awards recognize excellence within their network of partner operated lounges worldwide, making this a significant year to be awarded with the Global Lounge of the Year Award. Only 17 awards have been issued in total, with one global winner, five regional winners, three category winners and eight highly commended lounges, making this win an extraordinary achievement.
 "We are pleased with our achievements thus far and are always looking for new and creative ways to further enhance the Jamaican experience. VIP Attractions Club Kingston embodies the standards expected for a winner of the prestigious Award for Excellence.  Our accomplishment is a reflection of our dedication, commitment and passion to exceed expectations as well as enhance our product, people and partnerships," says newly appointed Chief Executive Office, Tabitha Athey.
This year over 84,000 Priority Pass members voted, the review programme allowed them to rate all aspects of their lounge experience including overall facilities, business facilities, refreshments, seating areas, atmosphere of the lounge, attitude  of and service provided by the lounge staff,  and the space within the lounge.

David Hall Executive Chairman of VIP Attractions, Club Kingston commented: "Hospitality is a treasured Jamaican heritage. We believe that during our three years of existence, we have made significant and innovative contributions to the travel experience for guests entering and leaving Jamaica, cognizant of the importance of a more enjoyable first and last impression. Not only does Club Kingston offer the innovative design and extensive facilities that travelers expect of first-class lounges in the world's finest airports, but also it showcases the best of Jamaica through cultural designs, local brands, and a visual journey through displays, sports and music."
Recognising the significance of Club Kingston and Club Mobay being Priority Pass Award winners, Minister of Tourism, Dr. Wykeham McNeill, noted: "Tourism forms an essential part of Jamaica's local economy and tourists from Europe, Canada in addition to the USA have made us the Premier Caribbean Destination. Jamaica's beauty, warmth plus hospitality are world renowned where its intoxicating mix of natural paradise and welcoming accommodations continues to lure visitors to keep coming back year after year. It is also these new high quality attractions and options that we make available to the tourist community, which explain why Jamaica has again outperformed the market and recorded growth in tourist numbers for the winter season 2014."
Dr. Omar Davies Minister of Transport, Works and Housing, noted that the Jamaican Government has invested in making Jamaica's two international airport's the best in the world. "We are pleased that the Norman Manley International Airport has been recognized in this way.  To be voted first from over 700 airport lounges, across over 500 airports worldwide is a fantastic achievement.  The Jamaican Government, Mr. Dennis Morrison as Chairman of the Jamaican Tourist Board and also the Airport Authority are always looking for creative ways to further enhance the travel experience. VIP Attractions' Club Mobay embodies the standards expected for a winner of the prestigious award for excellence."
He continued: "This was a true team effort between the public and private sector which has not only created 172 jobs in 3 years but it has also strengthened Jamaica's worldwide brand appeal. Club Kingston and Club Mobay work closely with the Airport Authority, the Jamaican Tourist Board, Jamaican Customs and PICA. It is this partnership that has resulted in world class service and amenities for our Diaspora, international investors, local corporates, the essential tourist and of course a showcase of Jamaican culture brings pride to our own people who are the lifeline of any airport."   
David Hall noted that, "as we continue to expand and enhance our offerings, we have achieved remarkable fan growth and as such, we are elated to announce a myriad of new and exciting ventures to include the unveiling of the newly acquired 5th VIP departure lounge at the Sangster International Airport. The official launch of our telecom products which will take place in July 2014, our VIP Annual Card is slated for November and finally we will end the year with our retail offering that will promote the manufacturing of local crafts plus assist local charities.
He enthused: "Our lounges continue to enable the most discerning traveler to connect with unique, authentic and enriching experiences indigenous to Jamaican culture, distinguished by magnificent decor, spectacular food and impeccable service".
David Hall acknowledged with appreciation the participation of Mr Terry Evans, President of Priority Pass and noted that "with a local partnership between the Jamaican Tourist Board, the Jamaican Airport Authority, NMIA, MBJ and a International first class partner like Priority Pass, the future is bright where all stakeholders will be soaring to new heights in the second half of 2014 and beyond"
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