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The Early Years - Hubie Chin and family - Jean, Noel and Anita

Published in Catholic Opinion - in today's Sunday Gleaner
by Hubie Chin
 As a child growing up and attending St George’s College, a Roman Catholic School, I very often heard the word ‘Father’ which is the title we use to refer to the priests at the college. I was not confirmed as a Roman Catholic until midway my first year at the school so referring to someone as ‘Father’ who was not actually my biological father was somewhat strange at first.

During religious knowledge classes the word ‘Father’ seemed to have more significance as our Lord kept referring to His Father in many instances. In teaching us to pray He began with the words ‘Our Father’, so I came to understand that anyone who was deemed to be a father needed to take that responsibility very seriously.

When I became a parent I realized the enormous challenge I had taken on. What I never expected was the overwhelming joy I would experience in being a father to my two beautiful children. I had to look back at the example of my own parents and remembered their sacrifice in struggling long and hard being shopkeepers so that they could send us to school, clothe and feed us.

With the love they showed us through all the hardships, I wondered if I could show that same devotion when I finally had children of my own. All doubt was put out of my mind when our first child, our daughter came home. It was the most beautiful feeling. Three years later we took our son home. Since then my whole life has changed. I became aware that the Lord had put this responsibility on me to play my part in the moulding of two of His children and I was not going to let Him down.

At Noel's 21st Birthday
These children have been the joy of my life and everything I do revolves around their well-being. Their happiness has become my happiness; their sorrows are my sorrows. We are one. Yes, there are times when discipline had to be done, but I never left any doubt in their minds that I loved them through all of that. 
Their being a part of my life has made me a better person, a more loving and understanding person, someone who really believes that God does not make mistakes. He has a plan for all of us and the joy and happiness He has brought me through my children reinforces the knowledge that if I can have so much love for the children He gave me how can He not love me even more.

So on Fathers’ Day I have to give thanks to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to experience the love of my wonderful children in whom I am well pleased.

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