Monday, June 23, 2014

Sidjae: Be a Learning Organisation

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Learning Organization
Each individual is important to an organization and has the potential to add value. There are some individuals who add considerable value that are considered key talent. While no individual is indispensable, there are many organizations in which special knowledge and history reside in a few persons, who have the ability to hold the organization at ransom.

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A learning organization increases both individual and organizational knowledge, thereby allowing the organization to adapt quickly to the changing demands of its customers and the global environment. Within a learning organization, knowledge is created, acquired and most importantly, integrated throughout the organization. As the knowledge is shared and applied, the individual and collective abilities within the organization increase.

How have you shared your knowledge with your team? How have you ensured that they are applying what they are learning? What new knowledge or skill have you learnt from your team recently?

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