Friday, December 5, 2014

Netball Jamaica's 'Gold Rush Down Under'

Get behind the Sunshine Girls! 

Let us honour folks like Marva Bernard, President of the Jamaica Netball Association, manager Karen Anderson, coaches and our beautiful Sunshine Girls who have consistently remained in the World Top Four.  Some of the team members come from very humble circumstances, but respond readily to the guidance and training offered by Netball Jamaica.  
They recently launched their “Gold Rush Down Under” campaign to prepare themselves for three tournaments, ending with the Netball World Cup in Australia in August 2015, and require $63 million for the campaign.  How heartening it was to hear multi-million dollar pledges from Jamaica Broilers, NCB, Supreme Ventures, Courts, WISYNCO and Scotiabank, giving them a fine start.
It is the genuine passion for our people from folks like Marva Bernard that has changed hearts and lives. What a pleasure it is to collaborate with folks like Marva, Vilma McDonald and Molly Rhone who have made netball into a sport of note, and given our young sportswomen the status they deserve.

As we watched the Sunshine Girls parade for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games and trounce the mighty England for a Bronze Medal in those games, we see the result of leadership, affirmation and the blossoming of the self-confidence that propels our athletes to become performers of note.
When they mounted the stage a few days ago to be introduced by their President, the poise and dignity of our Sunshine Ladies showed what every Jamaican can become if they receive the education and encouragement they deserve.

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