Monday, December 29, 2014

'Spending time' with family

Our niece arrived today to 'spend time'  with us.. The family tradition continues.   One  of the first treats as she got off the plane was patty-and-cocobread with Ting.
The next thing I did was to make sure she got a good spray of repellent.. no ChikV souvenirs allowed!

The children of our siblings warm our hearts, and as we see them locked in conversation with our children we feel assured that the bonds of family are strong. 
I remember my late sister-in-law Enid saying, "Let the cousins form their own relationships.  When we are gone,  they will have each other."
Indeed they will.. and their shared history,  memories of relatives now gone will keep those bonds strong. 

Welcome darling Patrique.. we are so happy you could spend this time with us :)

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