Saturday, October 6, 2012

Parental thoughts

Nita (yellow blouse), Noel (behind her) and cousins
We actually sat down today the four of us to talk about next steps in business, in life.  Mothers always end up feeling guilty.  So here I am wondering, did I listen enough?  Was I too sharp?   But as the years speed up, I want so much for my children to be well equipped to carry on on their own. 

Interesting that they have had a completely different childhood than ours.  We were working at shop counters from we were six.  They were in bounce-abouts at the large birthday parties we threw for them.  We took the bus, they drive.  Six of us shared one bathroom - they each have their own.  Our idea of a holiday was being sent to the country and spend evenings by Grandma's Home-Sweet-Home lamp - no electricity in her yard!  Their idea of a holiday are trips and nice hotels.

But thank God, they remain grounded, humble and respectful. 

I believe that if we live righteously, the good Lord will allow us to continue protecting our children even after our death.  I have felt the guiding hands of both my late fathers in so many situations.  I want that for my children, please God - so I am working hard ... to please God.

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