Thursday, October 18, 2012

STGC Triumphs over Mona in U16 ISSA Schoolboy Football

U16 ISSA Schoolboy Football--StGC(6) v Mona(1)

It was an action packed match and it showed the superior skill and team work of the Georgians. We beat Mona High 6-1 on their home turf scoring the first goal just seconds after the game begun. It was 5-0 at half time and in the second half the boys became a bit lazy and allowed Mona to score otherwise the score should have been more. Coach Gayle made a few changes as well in this half .

This team will be going to Cayman at the invitation of the Cayman Football Academy, started by Jamaican coach Winston Chung Fah, for a competition starting on November 1st. They are sure to pick up some fine points and experience. We wish Manager Ms. Doreen Thompson and coach, Marcel Gayle  lots of luck.

In an earlier game The StGC U14 beat Mona 1-0.

This is a great start to our season so congrats to our  senior manager, Clarence Chin Fatt for the hard work paying off.

Lloyd Tenn
Tony Wong photos

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