Saturday, March 16, 2013

Records tumble at 2013 ISSA-GraceKennedy Boys and Girls Athletic Championships

The packed National Stadium buzzed with excitement as 30 records were broken during what is being described as 'The best Champs ever'  (photo from my trusty BB)

Calabar athletes celebrate their Champs win - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer
Calabar celebrates joyfully - Ricardo Makyn photo
Holmwood athletes in an unusual celebration of their Champs win - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer
Colourful Holmwood Tech students celebrate mysteriously  - Ricardo Makyn photo
 Earlier today we were part of the packed National Stadium in Kingston Jamaica watching in awe the annual Boys and Girls Athletic Championships.  A big thank you to friends at GraceKennedy, major sponsor of the event,  for sharing their scare tickets with us. The atmosphere was charged with feverish excitement as we saw record after record tumble, with young athletes showing the conditioning and poise of their older counterparts.  

How could 30 records tumble in one meet, folks are asking?  We attribute it to that old saying, 'Nothing succeeds like success'. The achievements of such stars like Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce have signalled to our youngsters that they also carry that seed of greatness.  The fact that both stars are coached locally must be very affirming for our excellent coaches, trained here at the G.C. Foster College.

Below is a report from the Gleaner's Damion Mitchell - Jean

Damion Mitchell, Editor – Gleaner - Radio & Online

Saturday 16 March - Kingston, Jamaica: In one of the most spectacular clashes of high school athletic prowess, where 30 records were broken, Holmwood Technical High School this evening regained its hold on the girls’ title while Calabar High School was crowned king of the 2013 Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships at the National Stadium.

Holmwood finished ahead of the highly-fancied Edwin Allen High School who placed second while St Jago was placed third.

Edwin’s second place finish may be attributed partly to the failure of top athlete Marleena Eubanks to compete in the 400m and 800m two weeks after sustaining an injury when she was hit on the head by a discus during training.

In the boys section, Calabar overtook Kingston College who eventually ended in third spot with Jamaica College in second position.

It was a meet in which 30 records were broken, the most of them coming today – the last day of the five-day championships.

Munro College brought a fitting end to the Champs shattering the 4x400m record in 3:09.21; Calabar was placed second in 3:12.13 and Kingston College third in 3:12.59.

Coach Maurice Wilson of Holwood was grateful for the performance of his team.

“This was one of the most difficult and one of the most trying times for us,” he said on TVJ.

“We went through a lot from last year… Championships is about difficulties, one of our strong points was to have respect for the championships,” he said.

Wilson also revealed that he will be leaving Holmwood to pursue other aspirations.

Meanwhile, Calabar coach Omar Hawed was in awe.

“For us it was an overall team effort,” he said.

Hawes also said the objective is to win again next year.

“That’s the plan,” Hawes said.

“The foundation is laid, basically.”


Holmwood - 310.5
Edwin Allen - 305.5
St Jago – 208
Vere Technical – 202
Hydel High – 157.5

Calabar – 299
Jamaica College - 258.5
Kingston College - 247.5
Wolmer's – 121
St Jago – 107

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