Saturday, March 9, 2013

Storm Saulter's 'Better Mus Come' for US Theatres

Writer-Director Storm Saulter

Message from Publicist Shasta Saulter:
The US theatrical release of Jamaican film BETTER MUS COME (written and directed by Storm Saulter) starts March 15th!!

Theaters-----New York City (AMC Empire 25 in Times Square) and Los Angeles (Downtown Independent).

There will be one-night special screenings in a number of cities across the US-----Washington DC, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle-----on Wednesday March 13th

Here is a link to all the theater and screening details and to purchase tickets:

This is a first for the new movement of Caribbean cinema and is a historical moment for Caribbean films! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD FAR AND WIDE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW IN THESE CITIES! GO OUT AND SUPPORT!


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