Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Best Denbigh Show yet!

Roberta Dewar (left) and Natalia Hylton are seen handing out information on Digicel’s newest calling plans.  Denbigh began on Sunday, August 4 and ended on Tuesday, August 6.
Digicel tents
The permanent Grace Pavilion at Denbigh - abuzz with activity
The beautiful Agro-Grace display
Celine Fleming, Dwayne Anderson, Nicole Lindo for KLASFM, now in partnership with ESPN - vibe-ing at Grace pavilion 
Dannie Clarke and Peter Brown RJR 94FM
Angella Reid Chillin' in the Grace pavilion - fab lady!
Legendary Chef Mazie Miller of Grace Kitchens with son Paul - second year Culinary at UTECH and and daughter Samantha -  entering 5th form Glenmuir.
Chef Mazie Miller with Lenworth Fulton RADA CEO
Nicola Stephenson of GraceKennedy Group Comms shows how great she is at multi-tasking!
Jerry D - who gave me a hard time to take this photo - 'Auntie Jean, I'm shy!' - yeah right :-)
You can barely make her out - but Digicel Sponsorship Manager Tahnida Nunes gave a great address at the ceremony.  Digicel hosted a “Back-to-School Day" at Denbigh for scores of students.
The crowded Digicel sales booth - phones were going like hot bread!

My brother, Tony Lowrie, Programme Director of Communication Arts and Technology Unit, UTECH with students  Coleen Cohen, Annissa Whyte - UTECH had a great display.
My husband Hubie was very proud to stand beside the UTECH banner - he is a graduate from the days of CAST
The Annual Denbigh Agricultural Show was enlightening, entertaining and well-organised. For me, it was the best one yet. Here are scenes from our visit today.
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  1. Hi Sis:
    Thanks for the Photo of UTech Denbigh. Please change caption to Programme Director of Communication Arts and Technology Unit instead of Director of Communications Department.
    Thanks and love,