Monday, August 26, 2013

Your Internal Network Enhances Change

Today's Leadership Nugget from Sidjae Walia

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Harvard Business Review published the results of a study tracking 68 change initiatives at the UK's National Health Service. The three major findings are: 1) informal network trumps position; 2) the shape of your network determines the type of reform; and 3) keep fence-sitters close but beware of resisters. We understand from levels of leadership that your title puts you at the first level of leadership, and your influence is only attributable to your position. The real foundation of influence lies in the next level of leadership, which is your ability to build relationships. A leader who is influential in the informal network of the organization will have better change results than even a CEO who is not connected. Successful change initiatives require buy-in from the members of the organization. Good relationships build trust and the willingness to support the leader in the change initiative.

Describe your level of influence in your organization's informal network? Do you have a good relationship with the people who can get things done? What can you do to move that relationship from 'good' to 'great'?

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