Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mariama Williams on Peace

Let us become as God's precious child - open and trusting - as we read ...

Intro from Joan Grant-Cummings:
Let us take a moment to give thanks to Mariama for being so consistent with sharing with us these meditations for our contemplation.  Mari, we know in the world that you 'inhabit' of high economics, finance and trade, it is not an easy road.  Yet, by example you continue to  teach and share with us what you have learned about 'being'.  Unfailing gratitude!  Namaste.
A Centring Thought from Deepak Chopra: "I am a wondrous miracle of life!"
MARIAMA'S MEDITATIONS - Wednesday:  Least Effort - Peace
Your whole past was but a birth and a becoming.—Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Precious One,
Peace is your natural state. Peace belongs to you. You are inherently peaceful.
To achieve and maintain mental peace we must learn to deal with emotional turbulence.
Find out what are the sources of these emotions. Name the emotion that you are feeling. Ask yourself: Why am I feeling this way? What do I need?
Often time we tend to skirt the issue by projecting our challenges on to others around us. But it is not their feelings. It is yours.  So probe some more. Handle it and move on. No drama, no melodrama. Neither bad nor good.
Just you,  your emotional response to life and your reaction to them.
Once you own your feeling and your role in creating them; you are on your way to resolving them.
Now, take a long full complete breath. Let it all go. This is the path of least resistance. Notice how if you try to hold your breath you struggle, resistance comes up automatically.
It is against the body's instinct to hold on to things. Notice how good it feels as you release a held breath.

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