Thursday, January 16, 2014

Desiderata - the Jamaican translation  

Gwaan tru de nize an de confushian
An memba sey peace can inna quiet
Try hard as yuh can fi deh pon good terms wid everybady 
Talk de truth, yuh nuh affi chat loud, but talk it plain
An listen to other people
Even dunce and eediat people, ave fi dem story too!
Tan far fram loud an cantankerous people
Dem kinda people deh wi mek yuh bex an bringle.
If you always a red yeye afta oder people 
It wi mek yuh vain an bitter
Cause yuh gwine always fin sey smadyelse betta an worse dan yuh
Yuh fi proud a yourself an wah yuh duh
Tek care a yuh owna business wedder it big or small
A fi yuh sinting inna dem ya times yah
Tek care a wah yuh a duh
Caw de place full a ginnal
So nuh badda mek dis blin yuh yeye fram see de good inna odder tings
Whole heap a people a try fi reach de top 
Life full a hero all bout de place. 
Doan b nobady but yuhself
An especially doan pretend fi love nobady
An nuh scorn love neida
Cause nuh matter what
It always deh bout
Listen to yuh elder dem
Leggo pickney sinting
stan up strong soh dat when crasses tek yuh, yuh can deal wid it
but nuh worry yourself bout tings weh yuh mek up inna yuh head
cause sometime a jus tired yuh tired an lonely
apart from dat, walk a straight line an tek care a yuhself
yuh a jah jah pickney
jus like de tree and de star dem
yuh have a right fi deh ya
wedder yuh know or not
de worl' a tun an tings a gwaan same way
So mek peace wid de Almighty 
Whatever yuh waan call Im
An no matter what yuh a strive fa
In all wat a gwaan, mek peace wid yuhself
Wid everyting what a gwaan
Life still sweet
An try fi be happy.
 - via Joan Grant-Cummings

Max Ehrmann, Desiderata, Copyright 1952 translated to Jamaican patois by the 'Bloody Browns'.
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