Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sidjae on 'Learning Agility'

I love this piece from Sidjae Walia ... so important for this challenging New Year ...

Good day leaders, Happy New Year to all!
One of the indicators that a leader is likely to be successful is his/her level of learning agility. Learning agility is behaviour-based, and is visible in individuals who are curious, actively seeking new challenges and feedback, managing conflicts skillfully, resourceful, and demonstrating expansive ways of thinking through the creativity of their solutions. Leaders who are 'learning agile' are prepared for current and future realities. They are the best individuals to deal with ambiguous, complex and unfamiliar situations. Rather than applying historical solutions that may have worked brilliantly in another situation, they examine the current situation with a critical and open mind; listen attentively to and garner resources from the involved parties; and adapt responses according to changing needs. The 'learning agile' leader starts the day with an attitude of "What will I learn today?", knowing that learning from new experiences lays the foundation for successfully manoeuvring unfamiliar territories.

How would you rate yourself as a 'learning agile' leader? What evidence supports your rating? Are the persons in your line of succession 'learning agile'? How can you help them develop this skill?    

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