Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Matthew Schuler with Jamaican friends

The Voice sensation Matthew Schuler (3rd from left) with his brother and sister and June Wong of Liguanea Plaza. - Tony Wong photos
Message below from June Wong, who with her husband Tony Wong own The Liguanea Plaza in St Andrew, Jamaica – photos are by Tony.
We had a very nice visit yesterday from Matthew Schuler from the Voice (brought by our friend Sharon Burke who is Tessanne's manager) and you can imagine the near bedlam when the staff and customers saw him - everyone wanted a picture with him; and he handled it very well, just as Tessanne would.   
He said he  just couldn't imagine the warmth and love extended him by the Jamaican people.  He is actually here  as a guest artist at the annual Shaggy & Friends Charity show this Saturday in aid of the Bustamante Children's Hospital, which is being headlined by Tessanne.  First pic is of his bro, sis, and you know who else.

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