Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to keep your business going

Important to keep learning.  We're lucky that my husband and business partner Hubie is such a quick study and willing teacher in IT!

 Having run PROComm for over three decades, let me share some of the guidelines that have kept us going:

*Ensure good governance, especially in financial management - seek advice from expert, independent thinkers.
*Give excellent service and get feedback to sharpen your offerings.

We celebrate every birthday with a cake!  It's a tradition that helps us remember how precious every individual is.  We also have annual Fun Days for staff and their families as well as Back-To-School grants for each new school year.

*Make the welfare of your team a priority - they are the heartbeat of your company.
*Be a learning organisation, especially in IT.
*Promote productivity through prompt communication and strict timelines.

Our hard work has been graciously acknowledged by our valued clients.  Here ECJ Chairman Hon Prof Errol Miller and former Director of Elections Danville Walker gave us a great photo op after they presented PROComm with a Citation of Appreciation for our work with the ECJ since 1996.

*Promote positivity, respect and accountability in the conduct of your business.
*Setbacks must be expected - learn from them and move on.

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