Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Usain Bolt adds 4M on Facebook and Twitter!

Usain Bolt has added more than the total population of his native Jamaica (2.7M) to his FB fans and Twitter followers since his dazzling Olympic campaign! Of course some of these fans may overlap. Below is info from his publicist.
Go there Usain!
:) Jean Anita  

From Carole Beckford:

Usain Bolt has added just over 2.4 million fans on Facebook since May 2012 (4 months) and has added 1.6 million followers on Twitter in the same period
Usain's run in the 200 metres, saw his name being tweeted at 80,000 per minute when he retained the 200 metres title at the London Games – Thursday, August 9 (Source: Twitter)
Carole Beckford
(876) 927 6302
(876) 364 1871
(954) 703 5087
Twitter: @ubpublicist

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