Thursday, January 3, 2013

'Attention energises and intention transforms'

Message from Mariama Williams 
 courtesy of
Joan Grant Cummings
Gender and Environment Development Specialist
Having an abundance of consciousness allows us to view life as a magical adventure where our needs are met with grace and ease.  It includes the ability to see beauty wherever we go, have gratitude as our primary emotion, hold open our hearts to everyone we meet and trust in the cosmic plan. 
 According to the law of intention and desire we recognize that at the deepest level of reality is a field of energy (Spirit) that gives rise to all the forms of creation. Placing your attention on exactly what you want to create in your life–beauty, love, prosperity will energize that object of desire and draw it to you. Once you clarify your intentions surrender them into silence and allow the universe to work out the details.—Deepak Chopra
Precious One, 
Attention energizes and intention transforms. It is a perfect time at the beginning of this new point of transition, of transformation, with the remainder of precious hundreds of days to work with to begin to clarify your intentions and desires for the major areas of your life. Place your attention on them and set them free into the vast ocean of consciousness for the play of spirit.
Take some time now to write these out for at least the following areas of your life:
1. Spiritual
2. Financial
3. Education
4. Family
5. Health
6. Business
7. Personal
8. Civic
9. Recreation
10. Creativity
For now you can keep it general, just reflect and audit what has occurred for you in each area thus far and where you are eagerly awaiting further growth. Just have a faint idea, the gentle stirring  of desire. Work on a different  area in greater detail daily or weekly, as is possible. It may even be more fun to work with a friend.

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