Thursday, January 10, 2013

'Love that Transforms'

 Rev Stevenson Samuels pilots this morning's press briefing - others from left are NLPB Chair Rev Peter Garth, VMBS CEO Mr Richard Powell and NLPB Secretary Bishop Stanley Clarke

We had an inspiring media briefing for next week's National Leadership Prayer Breakfast (NLPB).

Chair of the NLPB Committee, Rev Peter Garth gave us some stirring nuggets:

'We are upbeat because we believe in miracles ... because we believe in God!'

'Our theme "Love that Transforms" is calling the nation back to Love ... there is a link between lovelessness and lawlessness'

Rev Pat Davidson, NLPB Committee Member, VMBS VP Marketing Vivienne Bayley-Hay, NLPB Commitee Member Clyde Edwards and (2nd row) Alicia Dunkley-Willis of the Jamaica Observer

'If we are not loving, we are not living'

'Let us love:
- sincerely
- selflessly
- sacrificially'

'The most lonely place in the world is the human heart when love is absent'

'Jamaicans may feel let-down ... but don't wallow in the small world of unbelief and fear'

Attendees at briefing included Dr Las Newman (left), distinguished NLPB Committee Member and Rev Sam McCook (right)

VMBS is the major sponsor for the 28th year.  VMBS President Richard Powell said we should

'Heal the breaches in our society ... seek Divine assistance in charting the way forward'

Secretary of the NLPB Bishop Stanley Clarke advised that this year's speaker will be the outstanding church leader Rev Dr Maitland Evans of the United Church and President of the International University of the Caribbean.

Each year, all proceeds of the offering at the NLPB are give to a charity. This year's Charity is the Muirton Boys' Home in Portland which was damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

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