Friday, January 25, 2013

Scrap metal trade making folks nervous!

Nationwide Newsnet - from NNN's Facebook page
In Public Opinion we ask, "Are you looking forward to the reopening of the scrap metal trade on Monday?"


I am more looking forward to what measures am going to come up with to protect my garbage bin, my gate and even my vehicles....
Errol Washington Hobson Certainly not...anything that support 'POOR MAN FI EAT A FOOD' is always going to be a destruction to the very fabric of the country. The same problems are going to continue no matter what measures they put in. Mark My Word.
Kareem Constantine I am for multiple reasons, most importantly to see how the government will handle the situation this time around to ensure private property is illegally traded, and for the fact that it is a major source of income for many.
Oral ShowtimeExtreme Campbell I'll be looking out for a Scrap Metal Trade that will deprive me of my TV aNtenna, my Gas cylinder, my Grill on my house that is used to protect me and family, a Scrap Metal trade that will have intruders brake in my house to steal my pots, pans, knives...See More

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