Tuesday, January 22, 2013

RIP Heather Little-White - valiant Sister!

Heather Little-White - “My spirit continues to soar” - message from Heather on the 11th Anniversary of becoming a paraplegic

Tuesday July 6, 2010 marks eleven 11 years since I became a paraplegic as result of a car-jacking attempt in upper St Andrew in 1999. How time flies!

2010 has not been with out its challenges especially since the robbery I experienced in April. I am still hurting physically and mentally from the experience. However, I am thankful to be alive at a time when so many of our friends and family are dying for one reason or the other. I am inspired by the saying “when life gives us 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have 1000 reasons to smile.”

My spirit continues to soar with your continued expressions of love and support. I continuously give thanks for life and to know that with love and support from family and friends like you I am motivated to continue to make a meaningful contribution to people from all walks of life.  As a result of the second violent attack on my person, I will be establishing an NGO to help our young men. I anticipate your usual support as soon as this is established.

My friends, you are important to my life and when I count my blessings I always think of you. I know I could not have gotten though this experience without your love and support. I appreciate you more than you know and I thank God that you are a part of my life.


Heather Little-White


  1. I met Heather Little-White years ago when I worked for a public relations firm that represented GraceKitchens. I remember she was nice and pleasant to me. Simple, yes; but it meant a lot to a young woman who often felt out-of-place and invisible working among the connected and well-to-do.

  2. I worked with Doc for five beautiful years. She was such a remarkable, kind spirited and strong woman. Her spirit will definitely live on.