Monday, July 22, 2013

Lions in Lacovia - St Elizabeth, Jamaica

One of the lions at Jamaica Zoo - from Jamaica Zoo Facebook

 Wrote this in today's Jamaica Observer column - the writer complained that I had praised the folks at Hope Zoo re their acquisition of a lion, and did not acknowledge that The Jamaica Zoo in Lacovia was already proud owner of two lions ....

‘Et tu Jean?’

I received the following letter with the above headline – since I am no ‘Brutus’, here goes: “Good morning Mrs Lowrie-Chin. My name is Sonny Dawkins, I was in the same class in high school with your cousin Lona Omess-Brown [our brilliant Administrator General – my note]. I hope that certifies that I am not a total kook [it sure helps]. My beef with you today is over your recent article praising that one little lion in Hope Zoo. Do you know that there have been at least TWO big lions at Jamaica Zoo in Lacovia, St Elizabeth for quite a while? I am leading a one man campaign to get them at least some of the fame that their ‘Town’ brethren is receiving. I believe that you would understand the feeling of being overlooked once one is outside of Kingston and would want to do something to correct that imbalance. Please share some of the fame with our lions in the Country.”
Sonny says the lions are owned by his friend Paul Fearon who operates Jamaica Zoo, and more information is available on their Facebook page.

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