Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sidjae Walia on Office Politics

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Good day leaders,

"Office politics" generally has a negative connotation. Some of the ways that leaders are perceived, in the context of office politics, are as a draconian boss, or displaying favoritism to the chosen few. We are all aware that how an individual perceives the world is his/her reality, regardless of facts. Leaders, therefore, need to be mindful of how their actions may be interpreted or misinterpreted by their team members and colleagues. A leader who is ethical, moral, and fair, understands that justice must not only be done, but also must be seen to be done. Negative office politics occurs when the perception of injustice, favoritism, or bullying prevails. Positive office politics is a system of transparency and fairness. It exists when employees believe that the system will select the person most suitable for the job, rather than the employer's pet. It exists when employees know that infractions committed by colleagues will be treated the same way, and there is no room for bias.

What is the perception of 'office politics' in your department or organization, negative or positive? How are disputes or promotions handled? How have you contributed to the environment of 'negative' office politics? What one action will you do to contribute to a system of transparency and fairness?     

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