Monday, November 11, 2013

Alpha Academy Alumnae - excellence and excitement

The dynamic, generous Pamela Lowe Chang after receiving the Alpha Woman of Excellence Award
 Excerpts from Jamaica Observer columns by Jean Lowrie-Chin
Oct 13: Alpha Woman of Excellence Pamela Lowe Chang
When Mr Golding gave his metaphor of doing myriad tasks while riding a bicycle, he could have been talking about Pamela Lowe Chang. In Annotto Bay, her name is legend.  She has hosted fundraisers to send children to school, refurbished police and fire stations, set up police-citizen committees and shown true mercy to the less fortunate.  Despite her daily commute from Kingston to her business in Annotto Bay, she has organized countless church dinners, sold literally thousands of tickets, and has brushed off any praise offered.  Our Alpha Academy Alumnae Association finally caught up with her and got her to stand still long enough so we could present her with the 2013 Woman of Excellence Award last Friday. 
Pamela, yours has been a true journey of mercy – a life dedicated, in the words of our school motto, ‘Ad Verum et Bonum’ – to the good and the true.
Nov 11: Alpha reunion of love and laughter
Our loving, hardworking organisers, Hopie Chin Kerr and Patsy Yee Lee
Dance, Sister - dance!!
Cecile Levine Brown had a lovely time and my beautiful sister Frances was delighted to see her classmate.

Fab classmates Junie Lee-Fatt Wong and my BFF Denise Wehby Aloma
Alpha alumnae from the late sixties and some good-humoured husbands gathered in Fort Lauderdale last week to recall our exciting high-school days.  We were the ones who had gloried in our newly-independent Jamaica, with the legendary Sister Mary Bernadette Little as our Principal.  Her leadership inspired us to strive for excellence and serve others. 
Organisers Patsy Lee Yee and Hope Chin Kerr went high-tech, complete with website, Paypal account, and live-streaming of the events for those who could not attend. The most moving moment came when they connected a surprise video-link from the reunion picnic to our guiding star of the sixties. There were tears of joy as ‘Sister B’ pronounced her blessing over her ‘girls’ from her home in Jamaica.  Reunions are exhilarating – make the effort to attend yours!

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