Sunday, November 10, 2013

Caribbean Seniors Groups meet in Barbados

Ed Bushell, President of the Barbados Assn of Retired Persons and his dynamic team hosted a meeting of Caribbean Seniors organisations in Carlisle Bay, Bridgetown on Friday 8th November.
The legendary Dame Billie Miller, one of the founders of the 37,000 strong BARP and Vice Chair was on hand to give sound advice to her Caribbean colleagues.
There were representatives from Trinidad & Tobago Assn of Retired Persons led by Mayling Yong Lao - which has 27,000 members.
There were inspiring representatives from Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Lucia and Martinique. Who knew that Martinique and Dominica had been doing house-guest exchanges for 28 years?
We toured the impressive BARP Headquarters which has a staff of 16 led by the dynamic Elsa Webster. BARP offers their own health insurance, and has a thick booklet of discount partners. They have introduced high-tech methods to stay efficient and are widely admired in Barbados.
We resolved to join all Caribbean seniors group into a regional body, and will be meeting early in the New Year.
This is a historical meeting and we know that it augurs well for the well-being and protection of our precious Caribbean seniors.
Jean Lowrie-Chin
CCRP Jamaica
'Life to the Fullest!'
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