Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lost Malaysian flight ... my FB friends discuss

So what really happened to that Air Malaysia flight? I am hearing all sorts of theories ...

  • Clover Bee Isn't that something? Scareeeee!

  • Carole Beckford ...and we are learning things about radar and flights over large bodies of water. NBC News just reported that up to 120 miles off shore you are recognizable on radar, beyond that you are missing until you get back close to land

  • Ingrid Riley Well baxide Carole Beckford we sending people into space and been thinking it OK to have that as a standard in flying human beings all this time? Or has this 120miles off shore thing been an improvement over say 20 mile off shore 10 years ago. I tell you sometimes, ignorance is bliss you know.

  • Clover Bee WOW! The plane are missing? So if you are flying from US to Jamaica you are missing for most of the journey? Hello Royal Caribbean Cruise line.....may I book a ride home?:-)

  • Natalie Murray It seems to be possible that it may have been hijacked! After watching ABC NEWS and CBS NEWS tonight I have learned that almost anything is possible!

  • Adrian Sirdar @ Natalie Murray: I also think the plane has been hijacked and the passengers are being held hostage. This may be a new level of terrorism where planes are taken and used in terrorism attacks on countries with no air defense.

  • Wyvolyn Gager I am particularly puzzled about the five passengers who did not board and their luggage was removed -did they know something or saw something fishy?

  • Margaret Eastham So many theories. But absolutely no sign of an aircraft or part of an aircraft. I don't think it could have been hijacked because it would have flown over identifiable airspace and fighter jets would have been scrambled to chase it. It also sends out a unique automatic message so they would have known who it was.

  • Michael Nugent Mystery.

  • Alma MockYen Modern mystery? Time will tell.

  • Michael Nugent It could be "cloaking" as this is a new weapon in secret.

  • Alma MockYen Would love to know more about "CLOAKING" ????????

  • Michael Nugent Invisible Planes: China, US Race for Cloaking Tech

  • Michael Nugent Google it

  • Alma MockYen Box front!!!! Sci-Fi

  • Michael Nugent It is real!

  • Jean Lowrie-Chin Well there is no debris - so there could still be a possibility that the passengers are being held somewhere Alma MockYen Natalie Murray, Adrian Sirdar Michael Nugent... and yes Wyvolyn Gager - they should be interviewing those 5 passengers who decided no to fly after checking in!!

  • Jean Lowrie-Chin Carole Beckford - no radar detection after going out to sea??!! - yes Miss Clover Bee - a very scary thought indeed!! And the Malaysia army radar confirms what you are saying!

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