Friday, March 21, 2014

Progress towards new Road Traffic Act

Update from Dr Lucien Jones, Convenor - National Road Safety Council

Ministers Golding, Bunting and Davies consult during a meeting of the NRSC
held at the OPM on Thursday March 20th. Minister Davies chaired the meeting
in the absence of the Prime Minister. - photo by Dr Jones

Progress was made on the following issues:
1. The introduction of a new Road Traffic Act - if all goes well the plan is
have the new Act laid in the House in a relatively short time.
2. Improvement in the Ticketing system
3. Discussion on the possible introduction of an Electronic Surveillance
4. Emergency Response by various agencies to motor vehicle crashes

All of these discussions are taking place in the context of the increased
number of persons dying on the nation's roads. To date ( 20 March 2014) 64
people have died compared to 57 at this time in 2013 and 54 in 2012. These
meetings with the Prime Minister, who is the Chairman of the NRSC, and her
Ministers who have portfolio responsibilities various aspects of road
safety measures, are scheduled meetings.

The technical and administrative staff of the three ministries also attended
the meeting, including the Permanent Secretaries of the MNS and MTW.


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