Monday, March 24, 2014

The talent in your team - Sidjae's Leadership Nugget

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There are several buzz words used to describe employee interaction in the workplace, including employee engagement. Employee engagement focuses on how involved the employee is in the organization in terms of effort and use of potential.
Most organizations have employee opinion surveys that indicate how employees feel about their managers, the organization in general, and whether or not they are satisfied with their job. These surveys do not indicate whether an employee is giving 100% effort or whether their talent is being maximized. An employee may indicate satisfaction with their job but may require minimal effort to complete it. This is an underutilization of the individual's talent. Such an individual could be better utilized to contribute significantly more to the organization, and to develop further professionally.
Leaders may better understand the talent residing within their team by first having an open relationship that facilitates this type of discussion. Team members may be given special tasks that explore and develop their talent set. 
How do you measure the level of engagement of your team members? Is it possible there are members of your team that are underutilized? What steps will you take to ensure that you are maximizing and developing the talent in your team?

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