Friday, March 14, 2014

TwitterFam Get-together

Deika's great photo

The Mahogany Tree Bar at Devon House was a lovely setting for our first
TwitterFam get-together on Wednesday.
It was great for folks to find out who were behind those handles!

We were honoured that Her Excellency Celsa Nuño, Spanish Ambassador to
Jamaica and Senator Marlene Malahoo Forte joined us simply in response to
our tweets - what cool ladies!

Others in the house were:
Emma Lewis
Sonjah Stanley Niaah
Tashna-Toya Edwards
Deika Morrison
Krystal Tomlinson
Yolande Levy
Kellie Magnus
Jacqui Juceam
Dennis Chung
Andrew O'Meally
Brandt Fuller
Hubert Chin
And yours truly @souldancing

We had a lovely time and are looking forward to meeting more TwitterFam

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  1. It was really enjoyable and good to meet some tweeps that I knew - and others that I didn't! A lovely evening, thank you Jean! @petchary