Monday, March 24, 2014

The Jarretts and Kiwanis Team for Literacy

Poets Parade 2014
Committed to the cause, they delighted the audience
On Sunday 2014 March 09 a group of poets who have committed themselves and their talents to raise funds to support the Kiwanis Club of Downtown Kingston/ Norman and Cecile Jarrett Literacy Improvement Programme (LIP) for Primary Schools Downtown Kingston, came out in their numbers to delight the audience. The parade up the aisle of the Stella Maris Church Hall behind a soft glowing white candle was led by K-Kids from Stella Maris Prep School and student leaders from St Alban's Primary School. Poets and visiting Classical Pianist filed into their seats to await the official start of the programme. PDA Lloyd Davies was economical and poignant in his welcome address. Without a minute's pause, the MC's, Pat One (DP Patrick Whittock) and Pat Two (DP Patrick Palmer), got the audience warmed and salivating for the fare of words, notes and steps. And the Stella Maris K-Kids rose to the occasion with the first two pieces on the Pickney Parade. Theirs was a showcase of rare talent. Little D'mitry Chung-Scully with, "I am," had the entire audience on the edge of their seats. In fact the Pickney Parade was superb. 
Jean Lowrie-Chin followed and she whetted hungry appetites; if encores were in order, she would have spent the entire evening on the stage. But other poets measured up to expectations and engaged the appreciative audience with mouthwatering poems such as "Breadfruit" by Randy McLaren and a humorous gut-wrenching review, "What a Gwaan eena Jamaica," by Michael Abrahams whose entire performance went beyond excellence… he was fantastic. Dawn seized her moment with technology and what a panorama of colours she projected! Dr. Pearnel Bell epitomized tranquility with her nature pieces; one could listen to her forever and still grave for more. Janice Jarrett, first-timer, took poetry to a new dimension with "Oneness…a relationship with three," and an ironic twist she delivered to the ears perked up for the suss.
Nikki Lachambre charmed the receptive audience with her selections:  
Rhapsody Royale by Carolyn Setliff and La Petit Negre by Claude Debussy.
The young dancers from the John the Baptist Preparatory School had the hall moving with them and rocking to the beat of Michael Jackson's, Man in the Mirror.  Cecile Jarrett, Co Founder of Poets Parade ended the Poets Parade 2014 with her thought-provoking, "Lost Village."
It was an evening of creativity, wit, humour, nostalgia, camaraderie and surprises especially the one from the patron, Kay Osborne.  All told, it was for a worthy cause to which the poets continue to give – improving literacy in primary schools downtown Kingston. Thank you all.
Cecile Jarrett
Co-Chair Cecile and Norman Jarrett Foundation

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