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Concerns about the posturing of Police personnel who accompanied a team of tax enforcers to the corporate offices of Digicel in New Kingston, on Friday, May 4, 2012, have been brought to the attention of the Police High Command.

The assistance provided to the tax enforcers on the day in question was as a result of a standing order which has been agreed to. In instances of enforcement, as a general rule, the Police are not provided with details, except for the date, time and location of the briefings which are usually held shortly before the operations are launched. The briefings are always held away from the targeted premises.

Based on what happened on May 4, the Police High Command conducted an investigation into the matter. As a result of the findings of the investigation, we concluded that the level of force deployed was out of proportion with what was required for such operation.

Against this background, the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of operations has been tasked to have immediate consultation with all agencies that the Police provide support for from time to time, to review the existing standing orders.

Going forward, we will require, from these agencies, more information to enable us to conduct a proper risk assessment in order for us to determine the level of force to be deployed.

The Operations Branch of the Jamaica Constabulary Force will be the point of contact where all requests for support for these agencies are made.

The Organized Crime Investigation Division (OCID) will now be the unit tasked to assist these agencies.

The Police High Command wishes to apologize to the Management of Digicel and the members of staff for any undue anxiety and fear caused by the presence of armed Police personnel on the day in question. We also wish to assure the public in general and business operators in particular, that in the future when we assist enforcement agencies, we will do so in a manner that reflects understanding and does not cause undue fear and anxiety.



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