Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This Friday! Mobile Apps Workshop

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Coming Friday  !!
Friday May 25th, 2012 to Tuesday May 29th

 JOHN HENRY THOMPSON returns to provide participants with hands-on specialized training.

This 2nd in a series of Digital Jam 2.0 Mobile Applications Development Workshops series will help young developers build effective native mobile applications (e.g.  for the iPhone and Android  or Blackberry phones) using cross-platform tools that deliver greater flexibility and speed to market.

Creative artist and designers are especially welcome.
The workshop seeks to establish the partnerships between creative/art practitioners and engineering/programming specialist as needed to deliver uniquely exciting offerings.


The workshop approach will be open and dynamic, with the activities of each day depending on the progress made on the previous day and the needs of the participants. After the first day of team and individual assessments, sessions will be structured to meet the differing needs of beginning, intermediate and advanced developers.
Participants who attended Workshop #I will graduate to more advanced series of exercises. One will not need to attend all sessions for the workshop to meet your needs.

Please provide IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION by filling out the REGISTRATION FORM on the Digital Jam 2.0 App Community Forum MAIN tab to help us structure the
workshop to best meet your needs. 
BRING A LAPTOP to the workshop if you have one.
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