Friday, May 4, 2012

Usain Bolt reaches out for Child Month 2012

- New York Times photo
by Carole Beckford
HELP in Mathematics for High School Children

The Usain Bolt Foundation has secured licenses for a Mathematics software which is the only software in the region which comprehensively covers the CXC/CSEC Mathematics syllabus designed for students' success. The Foundation has donated 20 licenses which was handed over the school recently. This will help in preparation for exams this year and beyond. The EPAVE Mathematics software is an e-learning software that comprehensively covers the CXC/CSEC® Mathematics syllabus using computer graphics, animations and audio.  All lessons are presented by carefully structured narrations to guide the user through the course which also contains hundreds of questions and solutions accompanied by detailed explanations of the incorrect answers. 

- Tallawah/Tyrone Reid photo

Play and Recreational Equipment

Playground and Recreational Equipment valued at just under US$25,000 will benefit over 1,000 children up to 12 years of age in Portland later this month. The donation of the equipment is part of the Foundation's mandate to facilitate a healthy and safe environment and effective use of a recreational facility. The names of the schools will be announced later.

PE Gear

Uniforms for Physical Education were donated to Piedmont Basic School in Trelawny in March as part of the Foundation's support to children under 12. Students and teachers at the school benefitted Jamaica Paralympic Association is also to benefit from a donation for its preparation for the Paralympics, also in London this Summer

Pan Caribbean Sigma Corporate Run

The Foundation donated US$25,000 to the Corporate Run as a part of a J$33million fund raiser for the Cardiac Surgery department at the Bustamante Hospital for Children.

FROM: Carole Beckford, Publicist

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  1. Absolutely wonderful! That's all I can say. I will retweet, etc. I am happy that Usain Bolt is "giving back," and what could be better than helping our children. Awesome!

    1. It's a joy to know that Usain is so committed to our children!